Since 2004 Te Aroha Noa Community Services has made a commitment to building practice teaching and research capacity to advance its own capacity to innovate, and also to make a wider contribution nationally and internationally.  In the future it is hoped that this work will be formalised into a Practice Research and Teaching Centre.  Te Aroha Noa has been greatly assisted in moving towards this goal by developing a strong research partnership relationship with Professor Robyn Munford and Dr Jackie Sanders of the School of Health Sciences, Social Work and Social Policy.  Te Aroha Noa has an active practice teaching programme which makes significant contributions to academic and inservice development at Massey University’s Social Policy and Social Work Programme and the Bethlehem Tertiary Institute.  It also contributes to the development of innovative practice by contributing workshops at several National Conferences each year.

Related Research

Price Waterhouse Coopers, Adult and Community Education, Economic Evaluation of Adult and Community Education Outcomes June 2008.

Current research interests include refining our understanding of how community led development initiatives can address complex issues such as family violence.  By adding a research dimension into an innovative family violence initiative Te Aroha Noa Community Services aims to understand the most effective ways of launching and sustaining over time, complex community development initiatives that are located in the family violence arena.

In October 2012 the Violence Free Community Project (VFCP) is launched. The report details the development and operation of a community-based violence prevention programme developed and run at Te Aroha Noa between 2007 to 2010.

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Evaluation of Sensitised Practice in a Community Centre in NZ (0.25MB) 

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