Early Childhood Centre


Te Aroha Noa Early Childhood Centre values and provides a learning community which supports all who participate to discover their learning potential and to be confident in who they are;

Valuing learning                         Being involved
Creative learning Spaces          Holistic care
Mana Maori                                God inspired
Pathways to learning                 Mana enhancing
Celebrating with all children

What we provide:

  • A warm welcoming friendly environment
  • A place where children and their whānau can learn alongside one another
  • As we are whānau based we cater for children 0 – 5 years. Children under 2 and a half must be accompanied by their parent/caregiver
  • An exciting educational curriculum where parents and whānau are encouraged to take part
  • A rich bicultural practice
  • A Parent Education Programme for those who want to be more involved
  • KEAS programme (Kids Excited About School). We work in partnership with parents/whānau and schools to create a smooth transition to school.

The Centre’s hours of operation:

Monday – Friday    8.30 am – 3.00 pm

Te Aroha Noa operates in term times  and we are open in the first week of the term holidays but close down in the second.  We also shut down over the Christmas holiday period. Whānau will be notified of the exact days before the holidays commence.

How to Get in Touch

Phone: 06 358 2259
Email: ecc@tearohanoa.org.nz
Facebook: Te Aroha Noa Ecc

Meet Our Early Childhood Centre Team