Early Childhood Centre


Te Aroha Noa Early Childhood Centre values and provides a learning community which supports all who participate to discover their learning potential and to be confident in who they are;

Valuing learning                         Being involved
Creative learning Spaces          Holistic care
Mana Maori                                God inspired
Pathways to learning                 Mana enhancing
Celebrating with all children

What we provide:

  • A warm welcoming friendly environment
  • A place where children and their whānau can learn alongside one another
  • An exciting educational curriculum where parents and whānau are encouraged to take part
  • A rich bicultural practice
  • A Parent Education Programme for those who want to be more involved

The Centre’s hours of operation:

Monday – Friday    8.30 am – 3.00 pm

Moving into 2023, Te Aroha Noa Early Childhood Centre will be operating all year round. This means that the centre will reopen on 9 January 2023 and is open during the term breaks!

How to Get in Touch

Phone: 06 358 2259
Email: reception@tearohanoa.org.nz
Facebook: Te Aroha Noa Ecc

Meet Our Early Childhood Centre Team