He Ngākau Mātua

He Ngākau Mātua is a learning hub for young parents 18 and under to come in and work towards their goals in parenting, education and self-development. We know that the education system doesn’t work for everyone, so we work in a fun, loving and holistic way to engage our mamas.

Within our hub we have a team made up of social workers and early childhood teachers. We love having those who join us while they are hapu (pregnant) no matter how far along they are, as we can support you in antenatal care and for the journey ahead. He Ngākau Mātua is also a place to support access for those mothers who have lost care of their tamariki (child) and are working towards a return home plan. Thus we are responsive to individual needs and are part of a wider village that offers healthcare, midwifery, childcare and counselling all on site. By identifying the needs of each young woman we can support them to be equipped and ready for the world and go forth as both the mother and woman they want to be.

How to Get in Touch

Phone: 06 358 2255
Email: reception@tearohanoa.org.nz

Meet Our He Ngākau Mātua Team